Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hey! Woo! Yea!

Hey! Woo! Yea!

I don't know about you guys, but I get pretty stoked when bands add random yells of "Hey!" "Woo!" or "Yea!" in their songs. It adds a little extra spice, just like when you add "fuck" to a sentence. So I decided to make a mix of some songs with those added in. It's a pretty wide variety of stuff on this, but then again how could I leave of "Bring Tha Noize" when Flava Flav lets out a pretty epic "YEAAAAAA BOOOOYYYEEEE" at the beginning. I couldn't. So yea, here ya go:

Hey! Woo! Yea!
1. Shook Ones- Middle Name: Justice
2. Anthrax- Bring Tha Noize (Feat. Public Enemy)
3. The Get Up Kids- Close To Home
4. Midtown- Become What You Hate
5. Off With Their Heads- Die Today
6. Piebald- American Hearts
7. The Suicide Machines- Hey
8. The Forces Of Evil- Hey! Woo! Yea!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Feeling Of Longing Or Sentimental Yearning

Being hungover produces a mix of slow-jams. Also, all the bands names start with A and I didn't even plan it that way! Recommended listening for lazy comic book reading time.

1. Against Me!- Sink, Florida, Sink
2. Alkaline Trio- Fine
3. Archers Of Loaf- Web In Front
4. Alkaline Trio- Blue In The Face
5. Against Me!- Searching For A Former Clarity
6. Attack In Black- The Love Between You And I
7. Against Me!- Joy


Monday, 7 November 2011



This year I had the pleasure of attending The Fest for the first time. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast. If you are a fan of any type of punk rock in any way, I definitely recommend going to this festival because it is pretty much the most fun you can have in your life. For this mixtape I took one song from each set I saw (two from Dead To Me because I saw them twice!) and put them in order, so it's kind of liking going through the weekend of music I had in fast-forward. Let's check it out:

1. Dead To Me- By The Throat
2. Kid Dynamite- Copout
3. Bouncing Souls- Private Radio
4. We Are The Union- Five Out Of Five Kids Who Kill Love Slayer
5. Polar Bear Club- Convinced I'm Wrong
6. Mixtapes- And If We Both Fail?
7. Off With Their Heads- Until The Day...
8. Dead To Me- Ran That Scam
9. None More Black- You Suck! But Your Peanut Butter Is Ok
10. Paint It Black- Pink Slip
11. Dillinger Four- NOBLE STABBINGS!!!
12. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists- Me And Mia
13. Bomb The Music Industry!- 25!
14. Rehasher- Turn Around
15. No Friends- Armed To The Teeth
16. The Dopamines- Cincinnati Harmony
17. Cheap Girls- All My Clean Friends
18. The Menzingers- Who's Your Partner
19. Dear Landlord- Lake Ontario
20. A Wilhelm Scream- These Dead Streets
21. Teenage Bottlerocket- Stupid Games
22. Less Than Jake- Look What Happened

So you can either experience my life-alteringly good weekend or just grab a bunch of music from rad bands right here: CUM ON OVAR AND DOWNLOAD ME!

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Absurd

The Absurd

1.  The Men - Ailment
2.  Nice Face - Nobody's Dead Here
3.  Company - Waiting For Saints To Arrive
4.  Merchandise - I Know The Light in Your Hall
5.  A Place to Bury Strangers - Ocean
6.  Das Oath - Great News From The South Pole
7.  Sex Church - Mistaken
8.  Oblivians - Can't Afford You
9.  Different Skeletons - Samsonite
10.  Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Life Form (Transmission Received)
11.  Merchandise - Foolish

All of humankind seek to find some form of ultimate meaning in life but to actually do so is humanly impossible.  Ultimately, the individual can never truly be certain about anything, especially when one considers the vast, nearly infinite amount of unknown information still inhabiting the known (and ever expanding) universe.  Eventually the individual will reach a stage of disharmony upon the realization that their "unique" voyage for a parsimonious, universal truth cannot be reconciled in a world born out of pure chaotic coincidence.  The individual has now faced the realization of The Absurd and must choose how to respond:
I)                    Suicide
Suicide, the option of taking one’s own life to simply escape existence, is one possible response that is not a truly viable option.  To end existence in the face of Absurdity does not actually counter the Absurd, rather it is simply a submission into a new form of the Absurd that is of equal or greater value in nature.
II)                  Spiritual Belief Beyond the Absurd
The individual may alternatively choose to believe in some spiritually transcendental realm beyond The Absurd that actually contains an ultimate meaning.  This belief is not rational as there is no tangible or provable ground to assert such a notion and, as a result, this pious assertion is itself a form of philosophical suicide.  If the individual chooses to reject this method they are faced with one final, viable strategy:
III)                Acceptance of the Absurd
The individual simply accepts the lack of ultimate meaning and concedes to the Absurd, choosing to continue to exist in spite of the Absurdity of the Universe.  The active revolt against the Absurd paired with the simultaneous acceptance that it is an unstoppable force of nature results in the individual creating their own form of personal meaning and allows the individual to achieve absolute freedom.
Accept the directionless commotion of the universe and drift along. Be content with your newfound freedom and take solace in the simple idea that we`re all floating along with you.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Thrashtray, Vol. 1

Deathlok (The Mixtape)

It's all about fuckin' thrashin' man. Fuckin' T, H, R, A, SHIN. You know gettin' some tunes together that you wanna rage to. Y'know? Like when some random fuckin' Sheila looks at you weird for wearin' yer battle vest in the summer and you go "What the fuck do you want?" and then she just keeps on walkin'. Fuck that shit man. Fuckin', the types of tunes that make you wanna rip up some cold ones and just let shit fly. Like when I'm partying down and people call across the room "What do you want to hear DH?" and I yell back "Throw on some fuckin' Testament!" and they go "Sorry man, all we got is Neil Sedaka".

Fuckin' Neil Sedaka man.

1. Black Tide- Hit The Lights (Metallica Cover)
2. Bigwig- Owned And Operated
3. Exodus- The Toxic Waltz
4. Suicidal Tendencies- The Prisoner
5. This Is Hell- Acid Rain
6. Municipal Waste- The Art Of Partying
7. Anthrax- Gung-Ho


Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Toronto for N.D.Y. this weekend. Pissed off hardcore Thursday-Sunday. Crawl out of your voids. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Boomboom Superjamz Vol. 1

1. Cheap Trick- I Want You To Want Me (Live)
2. The Stereo- Devotion
3. The Hippos- Wasting My Life
4. Cheap Trick- Tonight It's You
5. The Cars- Just What I Needed
6. Elvis Costello- Alison
7. All- Just Perfect
8. The Stereo- Unordinary
9. Mu330- Deeper
10. Saves The Day- Certain Tragedy
11. Weezer- Susanne
12. The Ergs!- Books About Miles Davis

A nice collection of poppy-rockers to sing along to.

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